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Basilar thumb joint

Quick Links What is it? The universal joint at the base of the thumb, between the metacarpal and trapezium bones, often becomes arthritic as people get older. It is osteoarthritis, which is loss of the smooth cartilage surface covering the ends of the bones in the joints. The cartilage becomes thin and rough, and the bone ends can rub together.
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Basilar Thumb Arthritis

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Basal Joint Arthritis: How Therapy Can Help Thumb Pain

Basilar Thumb Arthritis Overview: Arthritis is a common condition involving localized pain and swelling of a joint. At the joint surfaces in our limbs, our bones are covered with a slick material called cartilage. Arthritis at the Base of the Thumb a. Sometimes, the joints between neighboring wrist bones are involved, including the Trapezoid and the Scaphoid , at which point the condition is called Pantrapezial Arthritis. Most cases of basilar thumb arthritis are attributed to osteoarthritis, though it is possible for an inflammatory arthritis such as Rheumatoid Arthritis to affect this area of the hand.
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Basal Joint Surgery Recovery Timeline

Treating basilar joint thumb arthritis By Dr. Benjamin Sutker The joint at the base of the thumb, which allows for the swivel and pivoting motions of the thumb, is referred to as the basal joint or thumb CMC carpometacarpal joint. Because of its unique design, it tends to wear out and develop arthritis early in life.
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Basal thumb arthritis is a type of osteoarthritis affecting the base of the thumb at the carpometacarpal joint. This joint consists of the articulation of a wrist bone called the trapezium with the first metacarpal bone, which forms the base of the thumb. The carpometacarpal joint is extremely mobile allowing the pivoting and swiveling motions of the thumb so essential for manipulation of the hand. This oft-used joint can become unstable and wear out over time.
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